Software Development Process

Dive into our development process

RS Technosys is a team of innovative and creative engineers, expert in custom web and mobile apps development. We can develop user friendly and rich user experience powered with strong back-end/middleware service. But it?s all possible when you will be involved into our development process from day one.

Step 1


(Learning, Analyses & Planning)


Here we communicate with you and play questionnaire to understand your business needs, workflow, challenges, obstacles, objectives, user-experiences and your expectations.


After understanding your all business requirements and objectives we need to dive into subject and find out the accurate solution for your business. To do so, usually we communicate and cross-question to technical adviser, solution engineer, business consultant, domain experts, QA team and stakeholder to get best possible solution. It also helps to identify feasibility, risk & mitigation and any legacy support (if any).


Nothing gonna happen without plan, it plays vital role in successful project management , that?s why here we have to prepare development-plan, work-breakdown-plan, test-plan, integration-plan, risk-mitigation-plan, cost-schedule-plan, optimization-plan, deployment-plan, support-plan even more.

Step 2


(Prototype and Usability Testing)

It?s time to design a prototype which is a simulation of end-result using wireframe, mock screens and sample data-set. Prototype helps to understand the real experience of the project. The design plays vital role to validate the idea/concept, whether it is same as expected. We go through usability testing to evaluate the application flow, user-friendliness, color-theme and key feature visibility. The phase also include Data Design, Architecture Design, Interface Design and Procedural Design.

Step 3


(It?s coding time on Agile Model)

After strategy and design it?s time to get into the real job. Here we select appropriate technology stack which suits on your project. Technology is the heart of any software-project. Our development model is based on Agile Methodology to handle development process and keep the business transparent with you. The model executes development in different sprints(iteration) and each includes requirement-prioritization,coding, unit testing, integration-testing, validation, verification, debugging, code reviews, optimization, src-code docs, sprint- release, review then move to next sprint.

Step 4

Quality Assurance

(Software Testing and Quality Measures)

Quality Assurance(QA) is an integral part of software-lifecycle. Here at RS Technosys Quality checks are performed at every stage of lifecycle and follow the best practices of design, development and deployment to produce the quality product. Testing is performed in different ways including unit testing, integration testing, user-experience(UX) testing, load testing and even more.

Step 5

Deployment & More

(Implementation and Support)

After successful deployment of project in production, now it?s time to maintain and support in various ways like enhancement, changes, performance-tuning, scaling, up-time monitoring, regular backup, other application integration needs and more. Relationship forever.