Content Management Services(CMS)

Let?s easy your content & info management, align for decisions

Information and Content Management is a challenging task for a business. We not only required centralized content storage engine, but we need a web based portal which allows information management, content management, workflow management and decision support capabilities. CMS is an integrated solution for such needs.

An Effective CMS required:

Digital Strategy requires lot of knowledge discovery, workflow revision, identifying business objectives & vision, customer perspective, customer engagement and stakeholder expectations even more.

Content publishing feature
Different data format support like HTML, PDF, VIDEO, AUDIO, DOC, IMAGE, PRESENTATION(PPT) etc
Contact search, update and deletion capabilities
Contact security and access controls
Integration capabilities with other applications
Workflow management options
Content categorization and tagging
Multi-language content handling capabilities
Visitor analysis features
Content statistical analysis features
Content sharing features

SANSKRATI INFOTECH PVT. LTD. is a team of experienced engineers who understand the CMS challenges. We develop small and enterprise class CMS to meet your business needs and open new possibilities for business success and growth. Our technology selection for CMS are Drupal and WordPress.